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How can I protect my home?

By Kathleen Kienitz, Esq. CELA A recurrent question in the context of estate planning, is what can I do to protect my home? To get to the answer, it is necessary to first ask: protect it from what? More often than not, the answer to the second question is usually...

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Death with Dignity Act Becomes Law in Maine

By Kathleen Kienitz, Esq., Certified Elder Law Attorney Recently, the Death with Dignity Act was signed into law in Maine. Maine is the ninth state to have enacted such a law. There is a lot of confusion about what this law allows and doesn’t allow. Although the law...

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Risky Gifts

By Mia Poliquin Pross, Esq. We often talk to elderly people who are living in homes that are too big and burdensome for their current lifestyle or health condition. But those homes are sometimes the elder’s major asset and they want to leave it as an inheritance for...

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